Amodestri Childcare Academy

"Where Children Reach Their Fullest Potential"

Family Testimonials

I've proudly been with Amodestri Childcare since June 2012 and I've enjoyed every minute of it. From the children to the staff it has been a wonderful experience and everyone always makes me feel welcomed when I walk through the doors. Amodestri stands out from other childcare businesses due to the programs and educational activities we offer. People Ive recommended here tell me how much their child, along with themselves, enjoys Amodestri. Overall, this is a great place to be. :)

- Anastasia Edouard, Summer School Teacher, Amodestri Childcare Academy


"One morning, my son, Jahmere (one year old), while walking down the stairs on the way to school, he counted 1-10 alone, with no help, and I was amazed! I am very proud. I LOVE this school. Everyone at Amodestri really are making a difference my children's life. I see and hear something new every day."

- Noell Hammond, Parent, 8/2013


"This is my first year having my daughter enrolled in daycare, as well as, my first experience with anything like leaving her since our move from Texas. So needless to say, I was nervous but when I heard after the first and second day that she had been playing and interacting with the other kids, I was very excited and proud for the days to come." (Father, Devante)

"I noticed that since Alaya has been enrolled at Amodestri she has been more outgoing. She is becoming more independent and not clinging onto "us" (her parents) as much. Also, she seems to be on a schedule at school which is making it easier to handle her at home. She is finally sleeping through the night and being more active through the day." (Mother, Jasmine)

- Devante Gilbert, Parent, 1/2016

- Jasmine Brinkley, Parent, 1/2016